Sandy and Angie’s Western Massachusetts farm/home is in the small rural agricultural town of Hatfield, Massachusetts, located in the Pioneer Valley. The almost 2-acre property rests on the banks of the Connecticut River overlooking Mount Warner to the east. Hatfield is nestled between the vibrant towns of Northampton and Amherst and it’s only a short drive to Vermont, the Berkshires, Boston, or New York.

20121114_Sanford_076reThe soil in Hatfield is among some of the best in the country so it’s no wonder there are so many farms around us.  We started planting our property with various stone fruit—as well as apple and pear—trees, berry bushes, asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish and garlic in 2008.  We continue to add to our organic vegetable and herb gardens, providing abundant summer and fall supply for canning, root cellaring and, above all, eating!!  Whether we’re welcoming friends for dinner or students for cooking classes, it is only a short walk or drive to find the freshest ingredients of the season.

Good Stock Farm
154 Main Street
Hatfield, MA 01038
(413) 247-6090

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